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Can Floor Flatness and Levelness Affect Your Pricing for Polished Concrete Projects?

Thu Apr 7 •

Floor flatness (FF) and floor levelness (FL) are measurements by which architects can hold concrete placement contractors accountable and provide a quality control level during the initial placement of concrete slabs. There is a difference between the two.       High floor flatness and floor levelness in polished concrete projects.   When explaining this to my customers, I often use a pool table as an example. A flat surface will provide a smooth roll but if the surface isn’t flat, the balls will bump along at seams, tears or debris. If the table is flat but not le READ MORE ⟶

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  • Contractor Trends

    Wed Jun 22 •

    Generally, I write about issues that I encounter on projects or in my discussions with retailers, manufacturers or contractors.  For this issue the editor has asked me to write about a topic that we recently discussed.  Over the last few years I have noticed a shift or change in the polished concrete market.  As the industry has grown there has always been small contractors that are new in t

  • Protecting Concrete From Start to Finish

    Wed Jun 22 •

    My article this time deals with protecting concrete during construction, a topic near and dear to my heart because I deal with it on every project I manage. Right now, I’m fresh off one of the most frustrating projects I’ve encountered in a long time where protection and repairing the consequences from faulty methods were front and center.


    As contractors, manufacturers

  • Communication Between Contractor and Customers

    Wed Jun 22 •

    I generally write my articles based on items, concerns or issues that I have recently encountered.  This helps me insure that the information that I am passing on to you is timely and relevant.  This article is about communication.  The difference between a professional contractor and an unprofessional contractor often times comes down to communication.  Obviously, the quality of your work

  • Balancing Act

    Wed Jun 22 •

    After talking with many of you over the years, both manufacturers and contractors I came to a realization.  Our industry is suffering (literally the Webster’s definition of suffering “to sustain loss or damage or to be subject to disability or handicap“) from a severe case of multiple personality disorder.  We try to be craftsmen performing art in the medium of concrete, and we t

  • Abrasives for Concrete: Higher-quality Tools Can Lower Project Labor Costs

    Wed Jun 22 •

    The processes used for polishing concrete are quite possibly the most misunderstood piece of the business. A tremendous amount of sales “propaganda” is available that can either provide some clarity or add serious confusion. Most of this information comes from a wide range of “manufacturers” in the industry that number so many it’s hard to easily separate them.