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Concrete floor maintenance training for Facility Owners

You have heard that Polished Concrete was a great finish and that a lot of people are using it. Unfortunately, with rapid growth comes a lot of gossip and confusion. How do you, as the facility owner or director of construction, know the difference between a mechanical polish that will last 10 years or more vs. a chemical polish that will wear away in a year or less? Expert Concrete Training will help you understand the difference.

Different finishes require a wide range of equipment, materials and labor. Expert Concrete Training can help you in the design phase or bidding phase to understand what the normal cost is for the different finishes. Expert Concrete Training will also teach you about repairs including what you should expect the finish to look like once the repair is completed and a best guess estimate of the industry cost of these repairs.

Expert Concrete Training will also provide you with the guidance and specifications for proper polished concrete floor maintenance, a common pain point in the industry. We realize you want to maximize your ROI on your new polished concrete floors. To get there, you need a guide. Our Experts in polished concrete serve as your guide in proper polished concrete floor maintenance, assisting facility managers, executives and directors of construction in getting the most out of your concrete floor investment.

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Floor Maintenance, specifically the low cost of floor maintenance for Polished Concrete flooring is one of its key benefits. If you go into a project without a good understanding of the chemicals and pads you need to correctly maintain the floors, your team can cause significant damage in a short period of time.

Finding the right contractor is a big part of a successful project. Expert Concrete Training can assist you in knowing the questions to ask and what to look for on the bid proposal to determine if a contractor is qualified to work on your project. This can save money, time and a frustrating experience from getting out of hand.


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