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General Contractor Concrete Training and Best Practices

When a General Contractor is bidding out a project, taking the lowest priced subcontractor is a temptation that is easy to follow. With regards to Polished Concrete though, the skill of your polisher will make the job easy or make it extremely difficult.

Expert Concrete Training will teach you how to determine the skill of the contractor, their understanding of the various polished concrete finishes, and make sure their bid actually meets specification requirements.

As a general contractor, you are expected to know a good amount about all of the trades. With regards to Polished Concrete, because of its rapid growth, there is not a simple answer that will tell you if the floor is done correctly or not.

Additionally, as the specifications for a project are provided, it is easy to have significant conflicts between the specifications sections. Expert Concrete Training can explain the biggest conflicts that we see looking at hundreds of projects a year. This will streamline your construction and remove costly problems that create conflict with your owner as well as your sub-contractors.

Expert Concrete Training will teach you how and when to look at the work to make sure it is being completed per specifications and the contract.

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All construction projects have damage done to the concrete. There is really no way to police all subs over the entire project at all times. Expert Concrete Training will teach you about potential repairs so that you can intelligently discuss your options with your particular subcontractor.

There is no reliable data source for polished concrete because there are so many variables. Expert Concrete Training can also give you average industry pricing for different levels of finish, different sizes of projects and any repair options that are needed to get the project across the finish line.


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