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The Polished Concrete industry has exploded over the last 20 years. Each manufacturer has claims as to what their equipment or product can do. Each manufacturer will teach you about their specific products, not necessarily best practices in the polished concrete industry.

At Expert Concrete Training, we will teach you about the industry without a bias towards one product or another. In this way, your knowledge will be much greater.

The format for all manufacturer training is the same. You, as the polished concrete contractor, need to take whatever force out of the field to make a trip to the manufacturer's training location to go through a 2 or 3 day training on that particular product or process. As we all know, you cannot afford to take all of your guys both for the cost at that time as well as the lack of work being completed in the field.

Expert Concrete Training offers the first on-demand concrete training platform that you can have all employees watch to get a wide range of concrete construction training on their schedule and without needing to travel to a specific location.

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On at least 50% of your projects (especially remodels that make up almost 70% of our industry) your crews will run into polished concrete issues on site that they were not expecting and more than likely do not know how to fix.

Let Expert Concrete Training be your technical support assistance. Through videos and articles and concrete consultation, we can help your crews handle these issues during the polishing process. This cuts cost tremendously and fosters a much stronger relationship between you, your GC and Owner.

As a business owner, it is hard sometimes to find relevant information about the day to day profitable running of your business. International concrete expert David Stephenson has started and sold decorative contracting companies as well as consulted with many more concrete contractors on business operations.

Expert Concrete Training will give you sales training, pricing structure training, teaching you how to look at a Profit & Loss statement and discuss employee needs and issues that are commonly found in the Concrete industry.


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