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Polished Concrete Maintenance Training For Floor Maintenance Pros

As a maintenance contractor, directions and requirements usually come in small doses. Manufacturers say "Read the instructions on the label" and "Read the product data sheet for polished concrete maintenance instructions." While owners say, "Maintain per industry standard" without a lot of information transferring.

At Expert Concrete Training, we will teach you how to take care of decorative concrete flooring of all types and ensure maximum ROI for your customers.

One of the hardest things to get done when you have little information is to get your pricing right. If you do not understand all the requirements, you can get locked into a multi-year contract at too low a price and lose money. Going too high means you will most likely lose the contract.

Expert Concrete Training will help you navigate the precarious pricing waters.

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Depending on the facility type there is potentially a lot of damage that can occur to a concrete floor. This may include staining, chipping, cracking or delaminating on the polished concrete surface.

Expert Concrete Training can teach you what polished concrete maintenance methods, processes and products to use to handle these polished concrete maintenance issues like a pro.

Knowing what Not to use to maintain a polished concrete floor is just as important as knowing the right products to use. In an environment where owners are more frequently getting cleaning chemical contracts direct with manufacturers, Expert Concrete Training will teach you the ingredients to watch out for in owner provided products. This helps take the failures out of your responsibility and makes for a much happier customer and a much more profitable contract.


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